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"Le Christkindelsmärik" aka Strasbourg's Xmas market - Audio

It's that time of the year, when I miss France the most and more precisely, Alsace, where I grew up. The region is absolutely stunning this time of year and I love going for a mooch around the little and bigger Christmas markets at weekends. For me, the build up to Noël is as exciting as the big day itself - or should I say 3 days of feasting as in Alsace (and Lorraine), December 26th is a bank holiday and we celebrate from Xmas eve to boxing day evening. Yes, 5 huge meals with family gatherings.

This week, it's not a "blog" as such, but a short 3 minute "audio" about "Noël à Strasbourg" in French, with some alsacian words thrown in too. I have also added the transcript if you need it. Click here for the soundtrack

Click here for the transcription Instructions: - Listen to the podcast once or twice and see how much you understand. - Listen to it again whilst reading the transcript - Highlight any words you didn't understand / know. To find out more about the Christmas market in Strasbourg, click here. I hope that this market will be on your bucket list if you haven't already been. Tell me: How did you get on? Did you understand it with ease or did you have to listen to it a few times / read the transcript? Do you like listening to podcasts to further your French learning? If so, what kind of topics do you like listening about? If you fancy making some "Bredele", here's a fab site with over a 100 recipes to choose from.

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Bonne écoute et bonne lecture si besoin! Sophie

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