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Moi, c'est Sophie, et vous?

As a way to get to know one each other, here's a little bit about me and my language journey! 

I hope to find out more about yours too and your motivations to learn French!

Sophie - Picture for website.jpg

‘Strive for progression, not perfection’

A French national from the Alsace region, Sophie has been a language lover and learner from a young age. She was brought up bi-lingually in French and Alsatien, the local dialect, so that she could communicate with her German grandad who didn’t speak French. 

Later on, she studied German and then English at senior school, and read Japanese at university before working in Japan. In 2000, she moved to London ‘for one year’ - and now, twenty four years later, she is still living in England with her partner and son by the sea. 

Sophie has been teaching French to children for 8 years and adults for over 7 and loves seeing the progress learners make.

Come and join our supportive program and be inspired in a stimulating and supportive environment. 

A bientôt!

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