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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Applicable as of 01st January 2021

The present terms and conditions of sale apply unconditionally and without reserve to the purchase of any service offered by Sophie Gaxatte to clients on her website. The Client must take note of these terms and conditions before placing an order. These Terms and Conditions are accessible at all times on Sophie Gaxatte’s website ( and overrule, if necessary, all other versions or any conflicting documents. The Client declares that they have taken note of the present Terms and Conditions of sale and have accepted these conditions, as well as the terms of use of Sophie Gaxatte’s website (, by ticking the required box before the online order process begins. Unless otherwise proven, the data recorded by Sophie Gaxatte constitutes proof of all transactions carried out between Sophie Gaxatte and the Client via Sophie Gaxatte’s website ( As these Terms and Conditions of sale may be subject to ulterieur modifications, the version that applies to the Client’s purchase is the current one available on the website ( on the date the order is placed.


Lesson format

Lessons are delivered online and via Zoom or similar platforms. Lessons are designed for adult learners, on a one-to-onebasis. The Client is required to connect to their one-to-one session from a quiet environment in which the conversation will not be disturbed such as their own home.

The standard package (Le Programme) includes: A one-to-one 30 minute conversation session, a written and audio tasks to complete during the 8 days.

The premium package ( Le Programme Plus) include: Two one-to-one 30 minute conversation session, written and audio tasks to complete during the 8 days.

These one-to-one conversations and tasks are unable to be carrier over to another 8 day period. A series of 4 weeks’ pre-paid packages booked in the name of a particular Client cannot be transferred to a third party.


Cancellation policy

If the Client has to cancel a one-to-one conversation session for whatever reason, they must inform Fitting in with the French at least 24 hours in advance (by email, SMS or phone call) and we will reschedule it before the end of the 8 day period . If the Client informs Fitting in with the French after the cut off time or if the Client does not attend a scheduled one-to-one conversation call, the one-to-one conversation will not be rescheduled or refunded. If I have to cancel a class, I will always inform the Client at least 24 hours in advance and we will reschedule it.



Payment for  packages is due in full before they commence. Payment is by debit or credit card via PayPal. Once the payment received, the package can be started. Packages must be completed within the stated period, which is 4 consecutive weeks, unless agreed differently with Sophie Gaxatte, due to specific circumstances.  For example, if you choose a 4 week standard package with one one-to-one conversation a week, the course would have to be completed within 4 weeks from the start date of the course. Any outstanding lessons after this period will not be refunded.



The Client must be on time for their one-to-one conversation sessions and must log in with video chat. If the Client is more than ten minutes late for a 30 minute one-to-one conversation session and has not informed Sophie Gaxatte prior to the session, Sophie Gaxatte reserves the right to cancel without a refund or rescheduling. If the Client is late, and has informed Sophie Gaxatte before the class, we can catch up the lost time or reschedule the class, depending on availability.


Sharing lessons with third parties

One-to-one conversation sessions are intended for one person only at one time. Lesson content and materials cannot be shared with third parties as they are designed for each specific Client. Each new Client is required to contact Sophie Gaxatte to book and pay for their own lessons.



Any complaints should be addressed to Sophie Gaxatte in writing (  so that the matter can be settled outside of class time.   



No refunds are given for pre-paid lessons under any circumstances. Once the Client has bought a package of lessons, they must finish them. Lessons are non-transferable.


Data protection 

Clients based in the European Union have, according to EU legislation, a permanent right to access, modify, rectify and rebut their personal information. This right can be exercised according to the terms and modalities defined on Sophie Gaxatte’s website (

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