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Fitting in with the French 

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Moi, c'est Sophie,et vous?

Have you learnt French on your own, in classes, bought the books, studied the grammar and mastered the vocab - and yet still clam up when you speak?

You might have the academic tools, but confidence with spoken French is the key reason why many language learners give up. So, we’ve created a program which places confidence at the core.

This program is perfect for French language learners who:

  • Have reached a lower intermediate or lower advanced level of French and want to focus on speaking, and enjoy bespoke learning.

  • Possess a good understanding of French grammar (even if mistakes are made) and have a decent vocabulary.

  • Want to become more independent in their French learning practice but need some accountability, motivation and support.

  • Can practice French most days; from 15 mins to one hour, it’s self-designed and flexible. 

Over the 7 days, you will work on these 4 skills

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Here's what one of our learners thinks of her French programs: 

'As an adult navigating my way through the early stages of living in France, Sophie's tuition has been relevant and fun and, with her guidance, I am improving rapidly each week. The course is great value for money and really well structured and I feel like I will be 'fitting in with the French' much sooner than I had hoped with my new found confidence!'

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