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Bonjour! This is a podcast about the life, so far, of one of the most iconic French woman: Brigitte Bardot, aka B.B.

No doubt you have heard of her or one of her songs or seen one of her films. She is an icon! And if you haven't heard of her, today's the day! 

Listen in to find out more on how she started as a model and actress and also about that decisive moment when she stopped her career in the film industry to look after animals. It was all because of "une chèvre". 

The podcast is 100% in French.

In the FREE ”Brigitte Bardot PDF” you will receive the podcast transcription and some bonus content that will help you:
- Understand more of the podcast details you may not have picked up when listening to it
- Improve your vocabulary, grammar, spelling and pronounciation
- Improve your reading speed 
- Some pictures and links to films and songs mentioned in the podcast.

Grab our FREE PDF with 20 trusted tips to improve your daily French.

Brigitte Bardot – Mannequin, actrice, chanteuse et millitante

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