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The best way to deal with the fear of speaking French? Just DO it!

Whilst I find it very commercial, I thought I would share with you some of the most beautiful French love songs – I have picked some songs that are easy-ish to follow and classics, that all the French would know. Not all of the artists are French and some are from Canada or Belgium, but you can’t hear their accent when they sing. .

The best way to deal with the fear of speaking French? Just DO it!

Have you learnt French for ages, but clam up when you need to speak or engage with neighbours, shop keepers or just random strangers? I often work with people who learnt French at school, started again when they bought a second home in France or were thinking of moving, yet, when it comes to chatting to the neighbours or anyone else for that matter, they get worried about getting things wrong.

Yes, communicating in a foreign language with unfamiliar people can be daunting, I admit that - been there, done it!

Many years ago, I studied Japanese at university - I was taught history, literature and loads of grammar. Even though I had the vocab I couldn't hold a conversation. I knew the theory but hadn’t had the practice.

After a couple of years of studying, I got a job in Japan. My English (and theirs) wasn't great, so I HAD to speak Japanese. I knew I would sound like a wally at first, but one of my thoughts to get me to do it used to be "what have you got to lose?" and most of the time, when I tried, it was absolutely fine. People were pleased to see me try and were patient with me and, bit by bit, I gained the confidence to speak and made relationships at work, with the neighbours and the local shopkeepers.

There were hardly any non-Japanese people where I lived - You could count them on one hand so I really had to learn FAST or my year in Japan would have been a lonely and boring one.

At times, it really felt like being on the edge of a diving board filled with a sense of fear at having to jump. Once you did it, you realised that it wasn’t as bad as you thought and, no-doubt, some of you went back up to do it all over again.

So, what's the worst thing that could really happen? A bit of embarrassment.

It's Friday 13th - It's a lucky day! Just do it and tell me how it felt!

PS: If you or someone you know would like a bit of hand-holding or a gentle push off the diving board, give our French program at go for 7 days – for FREE.

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